To develop skill practice and keep your trampolining session engaging you can start linking skills together to form a short routine. At this stage it doesn’t matter if skills are repeated. The aim is to develop balance, skill practice and good form. A beginners example could be…. Tuck, Pike, StraddleContinue Reading

There are 3 phases of a trampoline skill, Take off, Flight & Landing. Take Off Take off starts at the very bottom of the bed, at maximum depression (MD) until you have last contact with the bed (LC)   Take off can involve….● No somersault rotation or twist● Forward orContinue Reading

E.D.I.P  system for teaching trampolining skills works well. Explain Verbal explanation of the skill, the axes it uses, how it will feel, what the body needs to do, where the eyes should focus Demonstrate Practical demonstration by coach/teacher or other pupil so that the pupil has a clear visual pictureContinue Reading