We are pleased to confirm our return to training courses after the lockdown restriction have been removed on the 7th July with a TC Trampoline Refresher course in Baldock, Hertfordshire. This course is always popular in this location so we are advising potential delegates to download and book a placeContinue Reading

Use this skills matrix to help you safely link skills once they have been perfected by your pupils. Eg, Once they can do a tuck and pike jump, get them to perform a tuck jump followed by a pike jump, then reverse it. See the sheet for more info. FreeContinue Reading

Once you have checked the trampoline environment and you are happy with your chosen trampoline layout you  should carry out  pre-use safety checks to make sure the trampoline set up is safe for your pupils.  This is  especially important if you have pupils assisting in the setting out process.  Continue Reading

Pre-Use Trampoline Environment Checks ▪ Check there are no overhead obstructions such as beams or heating pipes▪ Check there are no items protruding from the walls such as basketball hoops▪ Ensure fire exits, and escape routes are freely accessible▪ Avoid dull, dazzling and or blinding lights▪ There should be noContinue Reading

The perfect opportunity to get involved in trampolining or continue your learning if your progressing from School to College or University. BUCS hold regular trampolining competitions in Individual Trampoline (TRA) Synchronised Trampoline (TRS) Double Mini-Trampoline (DMT). Team Trampoline for more information and get involved visit the BUCS websiteContinue Reading