Linking Skills & Short Routines

To develop skill practice and keep your trampolining session engaging you can start linking skills together to form a short routine. At this stage it doesn’t matter if skills are repeated. The aim is to develop balance, skill practice and good form.

A beginners example could be….

Tuck, Pike, Straddle jump

Once half twist has be learnt, in could then develop into…..

Tuck jump
Half twist
Straddle Jump
Half twist
Pike Jump
Half Twist
One bounce and stop

Once perfected, ask the pupil to perform the routine starting with a half twist, and/or reverse the routine. It might seem simple but to a beginner it keeps it interesting, varied and challenging.

Every time you teach a new skill add it into the routine in varied and challenging ways. Let the pupils make their own routines up. Be wary of too many twists or twists one after one another as the pupil may become dizzy. Limit to a maximum of 10 bounces so they become used to official trampoline competition rules and insist one one bounce and stop at the end..

Ask pupils to work in pairs or groups and teach each other the routines.  For differentiation you could expect some pupils to be able to tariff some or all individual skills and routines, a few may also be able to identify errors and suggest  improvements.