Trampoline Skill Phases

There are 3 phases of a trampoline skill, Take off, Flight & Landing.

Take Off

Take off starts at the very bottom of the bed, at maximum depression (MD) until you have last contact with the bed (LC)  

Take off can involve….
● No somersault rotation or twist
● Forward or backward rotation
● Twist Rotation
● Rotation around more than one axis


If the take of is reasonably good, the flight and landing phases have a good chance of success. If the take of phase is poor, everything else that follows will be even worse!!!


Flight is the middle phase of a skill where the shaping and un-shaping takes place.  

Towards the end of the flight phase as the body opens out the moment of inertia increases resulting in the speed of rotation slowing down. This prepares the body ready for a safer, stable landing phase.


Landing is the phase where the feet  make first Contact (FC) with the bed until maximum depression (MD)  

When  performing routines or linking skills the landing of one trampoline skill is  the set up for the take off  of the next skill.

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