Pre-Use Trampoline Environment Checks ▪ Check there are no overhead obstructions such as beams or heating pipes▪ Check there are no items protruding from the walls such as basketball hoops▪ Ensure fire exits, and escape routes are freely accessible▪ Avoid dull, dazzling and or blinding lights▪ There should be noContinue Reading

Basic competition rules are set by the international organising committee of trampolining and gymnastics know as ‘FIG’ – Federation of International Gymnastics. In the UK British Gymnastics are the official governing body recognised by Sport England for the sport of Trampoline Gymnastics. BG organise a range of competitions through theirContinue Reading

The Importance of Garden Trampoline Safety. Trampolines have fast become the must have accessory for the garden and they are fun for all the family. It is important that trampolines are used in a responsible manner and that safety remains of paramount importance. Trampolines offer unparalleled enjoyment and a massiveContinue Reading