Equipment: Trampoline Push in Matts

The Push in Mat

Push in mats are used to aid the teaching of new skills and to reduce any injury that may occur during the learning process. The mats are small enough to be held balanced on
the side of the trampoline, and rigid enough not to fold or flop whilst being  held. They are soft enough to absorb some of the power of the performer so that an incorrect landing is less likely to result in a high rebound, and to soften the effects of a bad landing.  Using Push in mats in a variety of ways ensures the safety of your pupil and gives them confidence whilst learning something which is new and unfamiliar.  These mats can be used statically or pushed in from the sides of the trampoline

Spotter Matts

Spotter mats  are used in case of accidents during competitions. They are pushed in from the side
but are not intended for teaching purposes as they are thinner and less absorbent than Push-On Mats.  Spotter mats can be a valuable tool during the weaning off process as going from a thick mat to a thin mat before putting your pupil on to the bed,  lets your pupils feel what its like to perform the skill with less support and aids the pupils

Safety Mattresses

Large or heavy safety mats will require two mat pushers as they tend to be a lot heavier than the smaller push in mats. Push in mats usually have two handles sewn to the sides for ease of use.  One person per handle will assist in the mat
being pushed on to the bed in an even fashion.

The Safety Mat or Crash Mat as it used to be known is a valuable tool for teaching somersaults and complex skills.   
The mat absorbs the impact of the landing reducing the rebound from the bed, and any injury that may be sustained if the landing was incorrect.  The thickness of the mat provides extra safety and reduces the risk of injury during the learning process.