Rotation about an axis Angular momentum is created by torques whilst in contact with the bed during the take off phase.  The energy remains in the body until it is removed by other torques upon landing in the bed.  You must be in contact with the bed to create aContinue Reading

Linear Momentum Movement from A to B The amount of energy in the body as it moves from A to B.  Momentum is created by external forces and remains in the body until removed by an external force. Eg, we push off the bed for straight bouncing, the moment ourContinue Reading

Momentum The amount of energy in the body as it moves Momentum depends on the mass and the amount of force applied.Continue Reading

Axes of rotation  are Imaginary lines which represent the axes about which the body should rotate during the flight phase of trampolining skills.  In trampolining we can conveniently describe all trampoline skills using three axes of rotation. It is easier to remember where each axis is if you can image yourselfContinue Reading

A rotational push or pull. Rotational push or pull that results in the body rotating about one or more axes Torque occurs when the force is not directed  through the  exact centre of the centre of mass (CoM)  This is know as  an off-centre force Examples.   ‚óč Pushing/pulling aContinue Reading

It is advisable to have gym mats around the trampoline to protect your pupils when getting on or off the trampoline and from trips and falls, which are common place in the trampolining environment. Gym mats should not only cover the sides of the trampoline, they should extend past theContinue Reading

Push in mats are used to aid the teaching of new skills and to reduce any injury that may  occur during the learning process. The mats are small enough to be held balanced on the side of the trampoline, and rigid enough not to fold or flop whilst being  held.Continue Reading

As your pupils begin to learn basic trampolining skills such as tuck jump, pike, jump and straddle jump, the learning can be enriched and made more challenging by linking the skills together to form linked skills and short or full routines. Linking skills – performing two skills in sequence, oneContinue Reading

Pre-Use Trampoline Environment Checks ‚Ė™ Check there are no overhead obstructions such as beams or heating pipes‚Ė™ Check there are no items protruding from the walls such as basketball hoops‚Ė™ Ensure fire exits, and escape routes are freely accessible‚Ė™ Avoid dull, dazzling and or blinding lights‚Ė™ There should be noContinue Reading