Observation & Analysis

Trampoline Central use the ‘Head to Toe’ method of analysing pupils performance.

See the skill, view it from several angles (especially if your not sure what’s going  on) Know what a technically correct  trampoline skill resembles your mind, on a video, use the performance of another pupil or view pictures/diagrams in a book

Know what the  trampoline skill should look like, compare what you saw with a perfect model and judge what was right or wrong.  Use the ‘Head to Toe’ Method of analysing the skill

Head to Toe Analysis

Head – was it inline with the body?

Vision – where are the eyes focusing (if they are focusing, they may be

wondering around the room!)  Is the pupil looking at the correct spot for the skill they are performing?

Shoulders – Are the shoulders level, twisted, leaning to one side, should they be straight and inline with the body? It will depend on the trampoline skill being performed

Arms – The arms should be straight at all times  (unless in a tucked shaped)and when the arms are not by your ears up above the head, they should be as close to the body as possible

Trunk – Good core stability and body tension required at all times for good performance

Hips – Are they level, twisted, straight, displaced forwards
or backwards? Hips are a very important observation
in rotating skills

Legs – Should be straight unless in a tucked shape, there
should be no bend at the knees

Feet & Toes – Feet should be flexed forwards and toes pointed.