Why is Biomechanics Important for Trampolining Coaches?

Biomechanics can be used to analyse  trampoline skills and  good coaches will be able to  give advice to their performers to enable them to make the necessary adjustments to improve the technical correctness of the skill.

Often coaches forget all about the mechanics of trampolining after becoming qualified as they do not realise the importance it has on becoming an effective coach/teacher.

If you are unable to identify what is going wrong and you do not know why it’s going wrong, how can you correct it? I often hear teachers/coaches say for example, your legs are too low in a back landing, but they have no real understanding of why that effects the poor return to feet

People tend to hear the word biomechanics and automatically assume its difficult to understand the terms and concepts.  All you need to do is learn a few definitions and concepts then apply it to your coaching on a regular basis and before you know it, in no time at all you will understand the biomechanics involved in a particular skill.

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