Form Judging

In trampoline competitions there are five Form Judges. Theys assess three main area’s of performance.

The technical correctness/neatness of the skills

Was the height of the performer consistent  throughout the routine, with allowances made for a loss of  a ¼ of the overall height after performing body landings

Movement away from the cross in any direction over 50cms.


Each routine consists of ten contacts with the bed.  Each contact attracts a value of 1.0, so if the routine was performed to perfection the maximum score you could achieve is a perfect 10.
Form Judges can only deduct a maximum of 0.5 per contact, so if your entire routine was terrible the minimum score you could achieve is 5.0.

Form Judges Deductions

Based on the above form judges will make deduction depending on how well the routine was performed, e.g.

You can see from these totals that the whole routine attracts a maximum score of 10.  The deductions in our example add up to 1.9 and leave an overall score of 8.1 for one of the form judges in our judging panel. Each judge on the panel will give marks in the same manner.

It is impossible to sit and work the deductions out in this format during a competition as each routine will last around 11 seconds and the judges cannot take their eyes off the performer until they have dismounted the trampoline.

The form judges will write the deductions across a sheet of paper like so….
2 1 2 2 3 1 2 3 1 2  

Once the performer has dismounted the trampoline, the form judges add up their deductions and subtract it from 10 to give the total form score


2+ 1+ 2+ 2+ 3+ 1+ 2+ 3+ 1+ 2= 1.9

10.0 – 1.9 = 8.1

Judging the Set Routine

Once all five form judges have worked out their scores, they are displayed like this across the judging panel.

J = Judge

J1           J2            J3            J4              J5
8.0         7.9           8.1          8.0              8.0

The highest and lowest scores are discounted and the remaining three scores are added together.  This leaves a score of 24.0 for this particular set routine.

Judging the Voluntary Routine

J = Judge

TJ = Tariff Judge

J1           J2            J3            J4              J5           TJ
8.0         7.9           8.1          8.0              8.0         1.2

Again the highest and lowest form scores are not counted and the remaining three form scores added together.  In this case the total is 24.0. The Tariff  Judge sits at the end of the form judging panel and the tariff total is added to the voluntary form scores.  In  total the voluntary score  for the above routine is 25.2.

Overall Score for Set & Voluntary Routines

Once the set and voluntary routines have been completed, both the set and voluntary score are added together. Giving us a total overall score of 49.2 which would be a very respectable score for the above routine.

The tariff score can always be identified as it will always be the last score in the voluntary panel scores and  is usually less than the form marks in club and school competitions.

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