How do I help my pupils achieve more in trampolining lessons?

To be effective schools should use a minimum of three trampolines in their lessons where classes have between 20-30 pupils if they want to add value to the learning process. When you look at the number of pupils per trampoline the actual time they have learning on the trampoline is limited. We need to come up with idea’s that engage the pupils in the activity from the side of the trampoline such as peer assessment, routine construction and form judging for example.

Floor exercises can also be utilised to keep pupils active and motivated between goes on the trampoline. (see our Class Management post for a great idea for controlling a trampolining class)

Trampolining should where possible be offered all year round in lesson time and in weekly extra curricular programmes, and holiday clubs if available.  I have seen the difference this makes to pupils development when compared to school who only offer one term per year of Trampolining. Regular practice will allow pupils the opportunity to develop good knowledge and trampoline skill levels, capable of achieving good results at GCSE and A level.  

Pupils who choose Trampolining as a GCSE subject should also be encourage to join a local club, or recreational group outside school hours to extend the learning and encourage an active, healthy lifestyle.

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