How many Pupils Can I Coach?

The number of pupils a coach or teacher may teach in any one session has always been a hot topic, and can only be answered by that individual coach or teacher.

You must risk assess all sessions, taking into consideration the age, maturity and ability of the pupils when deciding how many pupils you can safely cope with.

In some trampolining environments such as leisure centres or school there may be policies in place that restrict the number of trampolines any one coach can supervise and/or a pupil to trampoline ratio. If that is the case you must adhere to that policy to protect yourself and trampoline environment provider i.e, your school, youth club or leisure centre.

For newly qualified coaches/teachers, it is wise that you only operate one trampoline or two at the most for your first few sessions so that you can consolidate your coaching skills and develop strategies for controlling and teaching in a trampolining environment.  

Once you have some experience you will find ways of entertaining the pupils so that they are not stood about too long waiting for their turn, which ultimately results in disruptive behaviour.

I know of schools with policies that have one coach per trampoline with a maximum of 8 pupils per trampoline. I have also heard of a school that has 6 trampolines and the entire room is supervised by one experienced teacher. Some leisure centres insist on only two trampolines being operated in a session by one coach. So… it’s not straight forward is it?

RISK ASSESS, and keep records to justify your decisions especially where no policy on ratio’s is provided by your employers or the building you are using for your sessions.

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