Floor Gym Mats

It is advisable to have gym mats around the trampoline to protect your pupils when getting on or off the trampoline and from trips and falls, which are common place in the trampolining environment. Gym mats should not only cover the sides of the trampoline, they should extend past the end decks and  around the end decks where possible.  For further safety,  a crash mat should be placed directly  behind the end deck on  top of a gym mat  in  high performance training situations.  Gym Mats are usually  6 x 4 ft and 1-2 inches deep.  They should be in good condition with no rips, holes or damaged foam.  The Gym mats should be end to end or side to side with no gaps to prevent the risk of tripping or falling.  Watch out for mats that have not been laid properly with overlapping ends as these are a common safety risk