The Centre of Mass must remain over the base support to maintain  stability.

A stable object is difficult to move or push off balance.

Two factors that effect stability are the objects base support and the position of the centre of mass.

  • The centre of mass must remain inside the area of  the support base to maintain balance
  • The larger  the support base is the more stable the object will be
  • The closer the centre of mass is to the base support the more secure the object will be

Stability is important because in trampolining it enables the pupil to resist movement, be ready to move or to remain motionless.

Examples include

  • Stopping and staying still at the end of a routine – remaining motionless.
  • Keeping the body still at maximum depression ready for the take off phase – resisting    movement
  •  Taking off for a skill from maximum depression to last contact with the bed – being ready to move