Garden Trampolines

The Importance of Garden Trampoline Safety.

Trampolines have fast become the must have accessory for the garden and they are fun for all the family. It is important that trampolines are used in a responsible manner and that safety remains of paramount importance.

Trampolines offer unparalleled enjoyment and a massive rush but it is important not to forgo the basic safety precautions that should be adhered to when using garden trampolines. More and more families across the UK are purchasing garden trampolines and they are proving popular with both small children as well as overgrown children (adults) alike.

Keeping Safe & Having Fun

Staying safe and having fun on your garden trampoline isn’t always mutually exclusive and by taking the following safety tips into account you can ensure that a fun time is had by all when trampolining without compromising safety:

● Trampolines should be placed in a clear area where there are no potential hazards e.g. trees, branches, fences, clothes lines and hedges.

If possible sink the trampoline info the floor. Seek professional advice first!

● Don’t place trampolines on hard mud or concrete areas without the requisite crash mats and floor guards in place.

● Ideally, trampolines should be placed on soft, energy absorbing ground such as grass, sand or bark.

● Before each use, check trampolines for damage such as holes or damage to the frame and check the leg braces are securely in place.

● Don’t have more than one person on the trampoline at once as this increases the likelihood of collision.

● Don’t bounce off the trampoline as a means of exiting it. Climb down carefully.

● Ensure that trampolines have a ‘safe fall zone’ perimeter of around 2.5m surrounding the trampoline. This area should be completely free of any hazards and objects.

Trampolines are great fun for children as well as Adults alike. Garden Trampolines can be a great form of exercise encouraging users to be fit and healthy. Bouncing on Garden Trampolines works many major muscle groups and can be used successfully as part of a fitness regime for those trying to lose/maintain weight or those wanting to improve general fitness.