Trampoline Overhead Safety Rig

The Trampoline Overhead Safety Rig is usually installed in the open roof space of a sports hall or gymnasium and is used by the trampoline instructor to support a performer learning advanced moves.

It is used with either a tumbling belt or twisting belt.
The quality of the fittings on a Trampoline Overhead Safety Rig are of the greatest importance as they are intended not only to support students as a teaching aid, but also to save life and/or reduce injury when a new skill goes wrong.

Safety of the Trampoline Overhead Safety Rig parts at ground level also matters. The tie-off cleats on the wall must be fitted above head height and should incorporate a storage bag for the coiled rope so that it cannot become unhooked from the cleats, fall to the floor and become a tripping hazard. This is specialist equipment and should be installed by a trained and experienced Trampoline Overhead Safety Rig fitting company


Fixed Tumbling Belt

The Fixed Tumbling Belt can be used for teaching intermediate skills such as single somersaults. It is comfortable to wear and can be used while performing simple skills such as front or back drops to enable pupils to become accustom to wearing the belt and bouncing up and down while attached to the Trampoline Overhead Safety Rig system.  


Twisting Tumbling Belt

The Twisting Tumbling Belt is designed for teaching advanced skills such as single and multiple twisting somersaults and should only be used by trained and experienced coaches who are qualified to the level of the skills being taught.

The inner belt of the Twisting Tumbling Belt is fixed to, but held away from the rotational unit with two separate zigzags of shock-cord for extra security – one above and one below the rotator rings. For this reason the pulley blocks should be of the highest quality. Shackles must have a safety-lock system and beams clamps have to be securely installed. Swivelling snap shackles reduce twisting of the ropes as a result of the somersaulting action.

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