Trampoline Safety Inspections & Maintenance

All trampoline equipment should be inspected annually  by qualified/experienced trampoline inspectors from specialist maintenance companies or by the manufacturers to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.  An inspection report should be provided detailing what has been checked and the condition of the equipment.

These reports should be kept and stored safely for the life of the trampoline to show the history of the trampoline and the repair works that have been carried out.  Much like an MOT for a car.  They can be used to help sell a trampoline on to a new owner or to make claims if repair  works fail.

If the trampolines are in need of repair they should be put out of use until essential repairs can be carried out.  If they only need minor repairs the trampoline can sometimes continue to be used while repair works are scheduled.  The maintenance company will advise on this.  

Any equipment that is condemned should be labelled as such, and  removed from the equipment store immediately to prevent anyone from using it in error.

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