Pre-Use Equipment Checks

Once you have checked the trampoline environment and you are happy with your chosen trampoline layout make sure you  carry out  pre-use safety checks on the actual equipment (not the environment your in) to make sure the trampoline set up if safe for your pupils.  This is  especially important if you have pupils assisting in the setting out process.  

The head coach/teacher must ensure the  trampoline environment is safe before the trampolines are used.

Trampoline Equipment Checks – Before Every Session (Even if the equipment is left set up all day long)

▪Leg braces are in place
▪ Beds, for tears, loose or missing stitching, webbing that is showing signs of wear/weakness
▪ Frame pads securely attached
▪ Frame Pad foam is at least 30mm thick and in good condition with no rips or holes.
▪ Springs all in place, hooks facing downwards
▪ Springs are the correct tension, not over coiled or over stretched.
▪ The tension of the bed is correct (check straightness of the red lines)
▪ End Deck and end deck mats are securely attached
▪ End Decks are at an appropriate angle to the trampoline.  To help prevent anyone from falling off the ends, the end deck should slope upwards and away from the end of the trampoline.
▪ Trampoline Frame is horizontal, not bowing or dropping at the ends
▪ Chains are tight and not twisted
▪ Floor mats are not damaged and fit for use
▪ Floor mats are flush and there are no tripping hazards.
▪ Floor mats are of equal thickness down each side of the trampoline.  (Do not mix 25mm deep mats with 50mm mats as it creates a tripping hazard)
▪ Push in mats (thickness) are appropriate for skills being taught
▪ Push in mats are not damaged and the foam is not worn/floppy
▪ Every 3-6 months – Allen Screws on the leg braces to make sure they are secure

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