As your pupils begin to learn basic trampolining skills such as tuck jump, pike, jump and straddle jump, the learning can be enriched and made more challenging by linking the skills together to form linked skills and short or full routines.

Linking skills – performing two skills in sequence, one after the other

Short or part routine – 3, 4 or 5 skills performed in sequence. linked one after the other

Routine – 10 skills performed in sequence one after the other.

The first skills that are generally linked together are tuck, pike and straddle jump.

As your pupils progress and learn half twist you can challenge your pupil further by asking them to perform the following linking skills, all of which can be performed numerous times to help with practice and perfection.

Tuck Jump, Half twist jump
Pike Jump, Half twist jump
Straddle Jump, Half twist jump

Then reverse the order in which the skills are performed.  Even though they are the same skills, the below order is more challenging than those listed above.  Ensure your pupils are constantly focused on their ‘spot’ to assist their vision, balance and spatial awareness

Half twist jump, tuck jump
Half twist jump, pike jump
Half twist jump, straddle jump

Progress it further by introducing the following

Half twist, tuck jump, half twist jump
Half twist, pike jump, half twist jump
Half twist jump straddle jump, half twist jump

The more your pupils repeat these sets the better they will become at performing and linking individual skills.  Be aware that excessive twisting can cause dizziness so limit turns to 5 attempts or maximum 60 seconds.  Tell them they may stop and get off if they become dizzy.  Also check that they are focusing on their spot as this will aid performance.