Trampoline Environment Safety Checks

Are you performing trampoline environment Safety Checks?

Check your trampolining environment prior to setting out the equipment and before the activity begins.  Then throughout your session to maintain best practice and safety for everyone.

Here are some check you should perform to enhance the safety of your trampolining environment.

  • Check there are no overhead obstructions such as beams or heating pipes
  • Check there are no items protruding from the walls such as basketball hoops that will interfere with the trampoline activity
  • Ensure fire exits, and escape routes are not blocked and are freely accessible
  • Avoid dazzling and or blinding lights
  • Do not operate in dull or dark gyms, use lighting if  necessary
  • There should be no objects under or around the trampolines (drink bottles, sweaters, trainers – all trip and fall hazards)
  • Other sports  should be screened off by netting to protect the area from projectiles such as shuttlecocks, footballs, basketballs, etc
  • Make sure the noise levels are acceptable and that all pupils can hear the coaches instructions at all times.

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