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Trampoline Environment Safety Checks

The minimum recommended ceiling height for recreational trampolining is 5 metres .  For competitive trampolining  a minimum of 8 metres is advisable.  This measurement is taken from the top of the trampoline frame to the lowest protruding item on the ceiling that may interfere with someone bouncing on the trampoline.Continue Reading

The most common complaint I hear from pupils is that they don’t get enough time on the trampolines. For Teachers its, ‘my pupils misbehave because they are not engaged between turns‘. Keeping the trampolining environment moving is key to engaging your pupils. Try the class management method below, it mayContinue Reading

Tumbling Belt

The Trampoline Overhead Safety Rig is usually installed in the open roof space of a sports hall or gymnasium and is used by the trampoline instructor to support a performer learning advanced moves. It is used with either a tumbling belt or twisting belt.The quality of the fittings on aContinue Reading

All trampoline equipment should be inspected annually  by qualified/experienced trampoline inspectors from specialist maintenance companies or by the manufacturers to ensure they are safe and fit for purpose.  An inspection report should be provided detailing what has been checked and the condition of the equipment. These reports should be keptContinue Reading

GMEX Trampoline Frame Pads

Once you have checked the trampoline environment and you are happy with your chosen trampoline layout make sure you  carry out  pre-use safety checks on the actual equipment (not the environment your in) to make sure the trampoline set up if safe for your pupils.  This is  especially important ifContinue Reading