Trampolining Safety

Trampolining is classed as a high risk activity and many doctors and hospitals disapprove of  trampolining due to the number and type of injuries people sustain whilst participating in trampoline related activities many of which are sustained during the unsupervised use of garden trampolines by children who have received no formal training.

There are, however a proportion of accidents that happen within leisure centres, clubs and schools which suggests that safety should be paramount at all times during trampoline related activities no matter what trampolining environment you are in.

Common incidents occur during the setting out and packing away of the trampoline equipment as well as during the trampolining session.

In this day and age of  ‘where there’s blame, there’s a claim’ we all need to ensure we maintain a safe, supervised environment at all times.

Think about  good Practice, Risk Assessments and Insurance Cover especially if you have a garden trampoline at home.  Is it covered by your home insurance cover ?

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